Software development companies have two key reasons to work with us. First, we make it easy to integrate EMV-compliant payments into POS or business management software – saving time and money. Second, software companies can earn a revenue split for every payment transaction processed by their customers. If you’re a developer and your software offers payment management, it pays to partner with Total Merchant Services!

EMV Compliance Made Easy

While bringing customers into EMV compliance is critical, many developers struggle when upgrading their software to meet strict EMV requirements. Most integrated payment solutions transfer cardholder data from the point of sale terminal to the software or app, placing the burden of meeting EMV and PCI requirements on developers. Our integrated payments solution changes that by encrypting card data at the terminal, keeping EMV and PCI compliance “out of scope” for POS software and apps.

A Great Partner – with Revenue Share

Total Merchant Services is an ideal partner, offering:

Fast implementation: Our semi-integrated solution is delivered through a software development kit (SDK), which is easy to implement.

Marketing solutions: We’ll provide marketing collateral to help build awareness and adoption of your new EMV/NFC payment solution.

Dedicated support: Your technical, sales and marketing staff will receive support from our experienced teams as needed.

Revenue share: Software companies make money every time their customers process transactions using our solutions.

Provide Benefits to Your Customers

In addition to the benefits of EMV compliance, Total Merchant Services will encourage your customers to adopt your new solution by providing:

A FREE terminal: Each merchant adopting our integrated processing solution will receive an EMV/NFC-enabled terminal.

Plug-and-play capability: Businesses can download and install our solution in minutes.

Great processing rates: Your customers will receive guaranteed low processing rates.

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