As the owner of a small store or boutique, there are a few requirements to help your business stand out from the crowd: sell great products, deliver an amazing customer experience, and promote your products effectively. Groovv provides solutions to help, offering secure payment options and marketing tools to improve loyalty and keep your business growing.

“There’s no way we would have established 2,000 mobile fans without Groovv. With Groovv Offers automatically building the database, the numbers shot right up. I love the advanced features, like the ability to link with Facebook and Twitter and schedule a promo to run later. It saves me a lot of time.”

– Village Clothing Mart

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Get Paid

$0 Groovv Terminal One & Low Processing Rates

Groovv Terminal One lets you accept all payment types quickly and easily. After rebate, this top-shelf solution can be yours at no cost and with the lowest processing rates in the industry. Learn more.

Point of Sale Systems

Groovv POS enables customers to make secure payments of all kinds, from EMV and magstripe credit cards to contactless payments with their mobile phones. Moreover, you as the owner can harness the Groovv POS system’s powerful management tools to keep track of inventory and sales trends, create reports in real time and get the word out about your products and services. Learn more.

Groovv Online Payments

Don’t be intimidated by modern technologies or security threats. Groovv solutions help you take payments online through your website shopping cart or via a virtual terminal that enables you to accept customer purchases over the phone, by mail or via recurring payments. Learn more.

Grow Your Sales

Groovv Offers

With Groovv Offers, one powerful online tool enables you to effortlessly craft offers and distribute them through your website, blog, email list and social media. We make initiating and maintaining a customer database easy. Learn more.

PassMarket Rewards, Loyalty & More

Integrated with Groovv POS, PassMarket makes sending promotions, growing your customer base and creating loyalty programs easy. You can even harness the power of GPS to make your offers show up on customers’ smartphones when they come within range of your business. Learn more.

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Manage Your Business

Sell Smarter with Groovv POS

The inventory tracking and financial reporting tools in Groovv POS will enable you to monitor your stock, track which products are selling well and predict future trends based on past sales. When combined with Groovv’s comprehensive payment and marketing tools, you have a system that helps you optimize your business on all levels. Learn more.


Let the online Groovv Transactions portal give you a clear view into all aspects of your operations. When enhanced by the detailed reports you can generate through the Groovv POS back office, you can get a detailed, customizable view of your revenue and profits.

Additional Solutions

Groovv is a member of the Total Merchant Services family, which has been serving small businesses since 1996. We offer additional products and services outside of the Groovv brand that include loyalty and gift card programs, more terminal options, and cash advances. Visit our site to learn more.

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