Whether you run a chiropractic, optometric, ophthalmological, plastic surgery, therapy or dental practice, the health and well-being of your patients is your ultimate priority. Groovv’s payment and business solutions keep your operations running in the smoothest, most efficient and organized way possible, giving you more time to focus on your patients’ needs.

Groovv SDK is easy to implement, and now our optometrists have a fully compliant, affordable payment solution that seamlessly integrates with their payment workflow, eliminating double data entry and saving them time.”

– Adam Thomas, Manager of Certified Partners, Eyefinity

A number of practice management and point of sale software providers have partnerships with Groovv. This allows us to provide semi-integrated payment solutions to doctor’s offices, meaning patient payments can be securely integrated with their office account records, while protecting your practice from fraud.

If you don’t have practice management software installed or your provider doesn’t have a partnership with us, you can still take advantage of our payment solutions.

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No Cost Terminals and Low Processing Rates

If you’re a customer with one of our software partners, you can get a free terminal to accept credit cards and other payments, while benefitting from the guaranteed lowest payment processing rates. Otherwise, you can get a no cost Groovv Terminal One with similar benefits.

Groovv Point of Sale Systems

Your practice keeps you busy. We understand that you need a payment system that is multifaceted, easy to install and use and is an attractive asset as well. Learn more.

Groovv Online Payments

With Groovv, you can email invoices, set up recurring billing and accept payments over the phone, online or by mail using one online portal. Learn more.

Grow Your Revenue

Groovv Offers

Gaining business and retaining patients is easier with Groovv Offers, which combines functions of a customer relationship management tool with loyalty, rewards and other incentive programs. Learn more.

PassMarket Rewards, Loyalty & More

Available to Groovv POS customers, PassMarket enables you to build a customer marketing database, publish discounts, and offer loyalty programs. It even includes a business locator tool. Learn more.

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Manage Your Business

Groovv POS

You know better than anyone that running your practice involves a lot more than simply offering products and services. Groovv POS can help you organize your product and service offerings into custom categories, track transactions and run reports to help you optimize your business. Learn more.

Performance Analytics

The best way to plan ahead is to take stock of what you have done. Use the Groovv Transactions portal and your POS back office to gain reports that help you better understand the health of your business

Additional Solutions

When you partner with Groovv, you are also joining the larger Total Merchant Services family. That gives you access to many supplementary products including more terminal options, loyalty programs and even the ability to obtain cash advances if you need an infusion of capital. Visit our website to learn more.

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