EMV technology has arrived and you have taken the plunge and decided to implement it. Here’s what you need to know in order to train your employees properly in its use.

Benefits of EMV

In many countries throughout the world, EMV has already proven itself to be much more secure and fraud resistant than the previous magnetic stripe technology. This is because EMV uses dynamic data that is unique in every transaction, making it virtually impossible for criminals to clone or counterfeit customers’ cards.

When communicating these facts to your staff and teaching them how to help their customers make transactions, your best bet is to instruct one or two managers with helping their colleagues roll out EMV. This will take some of the burden off you and enable your business to run smoothly even when you are busy with ordering inventory, organizing payroll or other vital tasks.

Educating Your Staff On The Complexities of EMV Technology

Although the technology for EMV-compliant equipment is not overwhelming, people do need to understand that the checkout process may differ depending on which card issuer a customer has. Some require a signature, others a PIN. Regardless of the verification method, staff and customers must be aware that the card must remain in the terminal until the transaction is complete. This process takes several seconds and is a few beats longer than magnetic stripe payments.

In addition to EMV technology, there are also other payment methods coming down the pike. These include the use of digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, among others. In most cases, your EMV terminal will also accept these contactless payment methods. If you have questions, ask your credit card processing company to walk you through the various methods.

Furthermore, keep in mind that anyone who acts as a cashier for your establishment will, at one time or another, be on the EMV front lines. Inevitably, they will be required to walk customers through the payment process. This means learning to identify EMV cards, helping customers insert them, explaining the extra few seconds required for processing and helping them to either provide their PIN or signature. A well-trained, relaxed cashier can transform a new and possibly daunting payment experience into a smooth and seamless one. This is definitely what you want to promote as a business owner.

During the first few seconds when a new customer walks into your store, he or she will make a positive or negative judgment that will shape their entire shopping experience. In the same way, the shopper will be affected by the speed and efficiency of the final payment experience, particularly if it is slow and frustrating. Doing everything you can to familiarize yourself and your employees with EMV technology will go a very long way toward ensuring that your customers are relaxed and happy as they leave with their purchases. If they are, they will be much more likely to come back.