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Itís no secret that carrying cash is becoming a thing of the past for many consumers. While this fact is quite apparent to standard retailers, the same holds true for less conventional operations. Here are just a few types of sellers who can benefit from moving beyond old-school ways to collect money by embracing mobile payments and by accepting credit cards on the phone.

Crafters and Farmerís Market Vendors

If you are an artist, food vender or crafter who sells at flea markets, art festivals, craft fairs, and farmerís markets, to name a few, having a way to accept customer credit card payments portably can definitely be to your advantage. Mobile readers that connect to your tablet or smartphone are extremely private and secure. Whatís more, you can use the email addresses and other information you collect at the time of purchase to build a database of loyal customers that can become an incredible asset as well as a catalyst for the growth of your business. Thanks to this technology, you can also accept credit cards using your phone making it possible for you to do business with clients across the country and around the world.

In this day and age when many people carry little or no cash, they are often left in a position of being financially unable to purchase the goods they want to buy. Think of the advantage you will have over your cash-only competition when you suddenly have the capacity to accept consumersí plastic at these venues!

Businesses On-the-Go

By 2017, it is estimated that only 23 percent of customers will pay with cash. If you are the owner of a semi-transient business such as a food truck where quality and convenience are of paramount importance, you cannot afford to miss out on this trend. These days, accepting credit cards only requires the purchase of a small card reader that connects to your phone and the downloading of ďvirtual cash registerĒ software. You will love the speed and ease of payments; your customers will enjoy the freedom of being cashless. If you choose, you could also use the included software to start a customer loyalty program that will encourage even more business in the future.

Recycling Pickup

Companies that produce and sell items are not the only ones that can gain from accepting mobile payments. If you run an operation that picks up recycling, for example, imagine the convenience of being able to accept customersí payments via an extremely portable and easy-to-use card reader attached to your phone or tablet. You probably would not be the least bit disappointed if you never had to go through the hassle and risk associated with taking checks or waiting for payments to be sent through the mail. The reality is that mobile payments just make life easier, both for the entrepreneur and the customer.

Whether you operate a delivery service or a recycling outfit, a food truck or are a self-employed artist, mobile payments can revolutionize your life. Customers will appreciate your cutting-edge payment ethos while you simultaneously benefit from higher profits and a more streamlined process. Having a pocketful of coins and bills might soon be relegated mostly to the past, and you wonít miss a beat as long as your small business begins to embrace mobile payments.