Take Your Pants for a Walk Day: An opportunity to increase sales

  On July 27, the United States celebrates a funky holiday called "Take Your Pants for a Walk Day". This is a day to get outside and go for a nice stroll around the city or through the nearest park. It can also be a day for customers to take their pants for a walk [...]

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5 secrets to designing emails that drive sales

Ever wish you had more time to master email marketing? Well, you don’t need more time, just follow these simple secrets to increase sales (shameless plug: Groovv Offers has these secrets already built-in to our templates!):   1. Set a single-minded goal Good design starts with clear thinking. So take a moment and think about what business [...]

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For Sales Partners: American Express Full Acquiring Program Now Available

Total Merchant Services is one of the first companies to launch the American Express (AXP)Full Acquiring Program. Sales Partners can now easily sell AXP directly through TMS by using the same application they currently use for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Merchant Benefits Lower fees for all American Express transactions One batch deposit for Visa, MasterCard, [...]

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Make summer sales sizzle with this holiday calendar

Summer is here, and that means there’s a holiday around every corner. Whether it’s light-hearted or a national observance, holidays are great reasons to send a Groovv Offer to your customers! Here are 7 holidays to make summer sales sizzle:  National Best Friends Day We all have that one friend who’s been there for us [...]

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3 Buenas Ideas for Cinco de Mayo!

Viva! Cinco de Mayo, or “May 5th” in Spanish, celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In many Mexican cities and in the U.S., 5 de Mayo means FIESTA. Here's three ways to boost sales on this happy holiday: 3. Boost Your Social Media Presence Ramp up those posts, pictures, [...]

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