Host an Instagram contest in honor of Camera Day !

Pictures are one of mankind’s most precious inventions. They tell stories and in those stories, transport us back  in time with but a glance. So make the most of Camera Day by hosting an Instagram Contest! First, set the rules Set the rules on your initial post promoting the contest. Here’s a template of those [...]

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Take product or menu item photos from your smartphone like a pro

Are your Groovv Offer photos feeling a little boring? Having a good photo in your offers is crucial for several reasons – photos get more views on Facebook, make your offers really pop on smartphones, and just look more visually appealing. Smartphone cameras have come a long way, so with these 7 easy steps, even a [...]

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Relate to customers on Hug Your Cat Day!

Q: Is there anything smarter than a cat that counts? A: Yes, a spelling bee! That cute, furry, purry friend of yours gets to be extra loved today. Promote this holiday to your cat-loving customers. Here are 2 ways to show them you care: 1. Start an Instagram contest A week before Hug Your Cat [...]

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