Flag Day: Fly your summer promos early!

June 14 is Flag Day, a time when U.S. veteransí organizations honor our flagís adoption by respectfully retiring it in solemn ceremonies. As a business owner, itís an opportunity to show your respect while getting a jump on July 4th promos! Here are 3 ways to celebrate: Run promotions for veterans An easy way to [...]

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Make summer sales sizzle with this holiday calendar

Summer is here, and that means thereís a holiday around every corner. Whether itís light-hearted or a national observance, holidays are great reasons to send a Groovv Offer to your customers! Here are 7 holidays to make summer sales sizzle: †National Best Friends Day We all have that one friend whoís been there for us [...]

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Give back to your customers in honor of National Chocolate Chip Day!

Q: Why is there no Chocolate Chip Cookies Anonymous? A: Because no one wants to quit! Customers can be a lot like chocolate chips. Sweet, hard to digest at times, but really comforting to have around. Take this fun holiday as a reminder to give back to your loyal customers. Here are 3 ways to [...]

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