End of summer promotions!

1. College promotions – Are you near or in a college town? Try these: Contact the college(s) to host a table with your products during student orientations or move-in day. Many colleges will give you a table if you provide discounts to the students. Plan ahead to create loads of excitement with a raffle, product freebies [...]

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Back office tip: Adding a new item on Groovv!

It is extremely beneficial to have a tablet POS, such as Groovv, that allows you to manage inventory. Say you run a small market and one busy morning you get a shipment of 5 boxes of red apples that your business has never sold before, how will you input that efficiently into your back office? [...]

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Coming soon: Groovv Register adds restaurant features!

Soon, restaurant owners will be able to take advantage of everything Groovv has to offer PLUS the added restaurant features - yay! This is because we are about to release a version of Groovv Register designed to help independent restaurant owners manage their business more efficiently. The added restaurant features include: Item Modification- up to [...]

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Product Spotlight: Get to know your Groovv Card Swiper

The Groovv Card Swiper plugs directly into your Groovv Register tablet or smartphone, allowing you to quickly, safely and easily accept credit cards. Whether you sell on the go or just need an extra register for busy times, the Swiper works with most Android devices and fits right into your pocket. Swipe safely Each credit [...]

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Why you should integrate your payments

Do you remember the old saying “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?” It paints a picture of chaos and disorganization, doesn't it? When it applies to how you’re running your small business, it can also cost you money. That may be exactly what’s happening if you are not using an [...]

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Attention sales partners: print center available now!

  We are excited to announce that the tools to help you sell are easily available to order online. Not only will you find sales collateral, but you will also be able to order your business cards and other accessories. In addition, you now have the option to customize your sales collateral including adding your [...]

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Why your flea market stand needs to accept credit & debit cards

Selling your products at a farmer’s or flea market is a great way to reach a diverse group of customers. The atmosphere is exciting and people never grow tired of shopping in these venues. However, if you only take cash and don't accept credit or debit cards, you may be turning off an increasing number [...]

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Get a Tax Break from your Mobile Card Swiper

  Using a mobile phone or tablet-based mobile swiper to accept credit cards helps your business ring sales wherever it needs to go. If that's not reason enough, how about using it to get a break on your taxes? Here’s how. Depreciate Your Phone The 2010 Small Business Jobs Act explains how you can write off your phone [...]

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