Groovv Offers: Publishing offers to Facebook is easy as 1,2,3!

Sharing offers to your Facebook Wall has never been easier! After you've read these 3 steps, you'll be publishing in a jiffy! <you can always pick up the phone, too: 800-335-0520 > Publish your first coupon or special to Facebook: When logged in to Groovv Offers, click the “Grow Fanbase” tab and link your Facebook Business Page [...]

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3 Fun ways to celebrate Left-Handers Day!

 August 13th is Left Handers Day! Show your customers how you envy their left-handed prowess by using our handpicked fun and simple things to get everyone involved. Your Lefty customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Create a Lefty Zone No dextrality allowed! Give customers a discount when they try and sign with their left hand at [...]

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Why you should have a Facebook Business Page

The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical to their business has increased by 75% since 2012. Read on to find out why you should create a Facebook Business Page and  for several tips and tools to jumpstart your Facebook marketing efforts. Facebook personal profiles vs business pages – know the difference Some people assume Facebook [...]

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Groovv Offers Feature: Save time with automatic recurring offers

    Social OfferBot does the work for you! By automating daily, weekly and monthly recurring offers to Facebook and Twitter. OfferBot saves you time and energy so you’ll never have to manually re-post the same offer over and over again. Just ‘set n forget’ your offer and get back to business. Create an OfferBot now. With [...]

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4 reasons why small businesses love Facebook

Until recently, small businesses have been reluctant to fully embrace Facebook and social media. It’s often been something small business owners want to do, but just don’t find the time. Some thought it a waste of time. But a growing groundswell have now made the plunge. Here’s why: It’s free Websites are expensive, but you [...]

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7 stunning stats about Facebook’s popularity

Whether you’re an active user or still a hold out, here are 7 reasons why Facebook’s online dominance is no fluke. Practically everyone (including your customers) uses Facebook, so don’t ignore it – or them! 1. More than 40% of all Americans use Facebook every day- Your customers are constantly on Facebook, so make a Facebook [...]

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4 ways to seize control of your online reputation

With 40 million unique monthly users alone, there's no denying the popularity of online review sites like Yelp. But why should you care? Because thanks to Yelp, a customer's positive or negative review could be spread to a hundred – if not a million – people online. Look what happened to this clueless restaurant due to a negative [...]

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4 tips to give your online business a boost

With all of the things you do to run your business online and offline, some are bound to slip through the cracks. Some businesses might throw all their marketing efforts behind one channel like paid online advertising, but neglecting other areas is a no-no. Here are 4 tips to keep your website and social media [...]

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Facebook versus texting for your business

Still trying to figure out what way(s) you should communicate offers to your customers? Should you focus on Facebook, try text messaging, or use both? Groovv Offers lets you reach customers on both channels, so here’s a head to head comparison of Facebook vs. Text Messaging.   Response Rates – Winner: SMS Facebook prioritizes each [...]

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How to optimize Facebook for mobile marketing

As you may already know  Facebook has become the “go to” social media site for marketing a business. An article on Reuters  reveals that 1 out of 3 people in the U.S alone visit Facebook every day! That’s a lot of customers you can target if you start optimizing your business Facebook account. Encourage customers [...]

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