4 reasons why sending email receipts beats paper

Did you know you can email receipts to your customers directly from your point of sale? Itís one of the many new opportunities and improvements Groovv Register offers to help your business stay competitive. Here are 4 reasons why email receipts beat paper:   Acquire more customers If youíve dabbled in email marketing, you know [...]

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5 secrets to designing emails that drive sales

Ever wish you had more†time†to master email marketing? Well, you donít need more time, just follow these simple secrets to increase sales (shameless plug: Groovv Offers has these secrets already built-in to our templates!):   1. Set a single-minded goal Good design starts with clear thinking. So take a moment and think about what business [...]

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4 more tips to grow your customer email list

In our previous post, we showed you 3 helpful tips to kick off your customer email list. Maintaining an active email list with regular communication is an effective method for increasing revenues, as well as a great way to remain connected with customers by staying on their radars. Read on for 4 more ways to [...]

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3 tips for growing your customer email list

† One of the best tools in any small businessí marketing toolkit is an active, healthy customer email list. Email marketing campaigns can quickly boost your revenues, but for many owners building a list is a daunting task. As inboxes overflow and customers grow wary of unwanted communication, good marketers should build lists with care [...]

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