4 reasons why small businesses love Facebook

Until recently, small businesses have been reluctant to fully embrace Facebook and social media. Itís often been something small business owners want to do, but just donít find the time. Some thought it a waste of time. But a growing groundswell have now made the plunge. Hereís why: Itís free Websites are expensive, but you [...]

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How to optimize Facebook for mobile marketing

As you may already know †Facebook has become the ďgo toĒ social media site for marketing a business. An article on Reuters †reveals that 1 out of 3 people in the U.S alone visit Facebook every day! Thatís a lot of customers you can target if you start optimizing your business Facebook account. Encourage customers [...]

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Credit Card Land for Food Truck Owners: The Scoop

An increasing number of small businesses are accepting credit cards. In fact, cash-only establishments are becoming more the exception than the rule. As a food truck owner, you may believe you're immune to the credit card trend. Making this mistake in thinking might almost be as disastrous as a burger with no fries. In a [...]

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