The #2 tip to grow your customer list!

  Your staff is hands-down, the most effective tool you have to grow your list because they can personally introduce the program to customers, answer questions, and encourage an on-the-spot sign up. Above all, make staff involvement mandatory. They may be naturally resistant to ďmarketingĒ. However, properly explained and backed up with training, fun contests, [...]

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4 reasons why small businesses love Facebook

Until recently, small businesses have been reluctant to fully embrace Facebook and social media. Itís often been something small business owners want to do, but just donít find the time. Some thought it a waste of time. But a growing groundswell have now made the plunge. Hereís why: Itís free Websites are expensive, but you [...]

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Track customer spending habits with Reports

Want a closer look at your customersí spending habits? Are you wishing for an easy way to see their past transactions? Well, there is! Groovv Register lets you track all your customersí data with the Customer Sales Detail feature, located under the Reports tab in the Back Office. Easily search for customer profiles Customer Sales [...]

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Give back to your customers in honor of National Chocolate Chip Day!

Q: Why is there no Chocolate Chip Cookies Anonymous? A: Because no one wants to quit! Customers can be a lot like chocolate chips. Sweet, hard to digest at times, but really comforting to have around. Take this fun holiday as a reminder to give back to your loyal customers. Here are 3 ways to [...]

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3 tips for growing your customer email list

† One of the best tools in any small businessí marketing toolkit is an active, healthy customer email list. Email marketing campaigns can quickly boost your revenues, but for many owners building a list is a daunting task. As inboxes overflow and customers grow wary of unwanted communication, good marketers should build lists with care [...]

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