7 stunning stats about Facebook’s popularity

Whether you’re an active user or still a hold out, here are 7 reasons why Facebook’s online dominance is no fluke. Practically everyone (including your customers) uses Facebook, so don’t ignore it – or them! 1. More than 40% of all Americans use Facebook every day- Your customers are constantly on Facebook, so make a Facebook [...]

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Track customer spending habits with Reports

Want a closer look at your customers’ spending habits? Are you wishing for an easy way to see their past transactions? Well, there is! Groovv Register lets you track all your customers’ data with the Customer Sales Detail feature, located under the Reports tab in the Back Office. Easily search for customer profiles Customer Sales [...]

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How to optimize Facebook for mobile marketing

As you may already know  Facebook has become the “go to” social media site for marketing a business. An article on Reuters  reveals that 1 out of 3 people in the U.S alone visit Facebook every day! That’s a lot of customers you can target if you start optimizing your business Facebook account. Encourage customers [...]

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