Why you should have a Facebook Business Page

The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical to their business has increased by 75% since 2012. Read on to find out why you should create a Facebook Business Page and  for several tips and tools to jumpstart your Facebook marketing efforts. Facebook personal profiles vs business pages – know the difference Some people assume Facebook [...]

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Take Your Pants for a Walk Day: An opportunity to increase sales

  On July 27, the United States celebrates a funky holiday called "Take Your Pants for a Walk Day". This is a day to get outside and go for a nice stroll around the city or through the nearest park. It can also be a day for customers to take their pants for a walk [...]

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Facebook versus texting for your business

Still trying to figure out what way(s) you should communicate offers to your customers? Should you focus on Facebook, try text messaging, or use both? Groovv Offers lets you reach customers on both channels, so here’s a head to head comparison of Facebook vs. Text Messaging.   Response Rates – Winner: SMS Facebook prioritizes each [...]

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How Pinteresting – new analytics!

Pinterest is  is a visual, virtual, scrapbook tool that people use to collect ideas. What you do is search for a word of interest, or set of words, and different pictures will come up, which you can “pin” to your profile (board) and collect - hence “Pinterest”. Read more about it here. Perks of having [...]

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Small Business Week 2014: May 12 to 16

Since 1963, the United States celebrates small businesses at Small Business Week once a year. It recognizes the phenomenal contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.  These, who have more often than not sacrificed everything in order to pursue their passion, are given a week of praise and feedback, as well as a lot [...]

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3 Buenas Ideas for Cinco de Mayo!

Viva! Cinco de Mayo, or “May 5th” in Spanish, celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In many Mexican cities and in the U.S., 5 de Mayo means FIESTA. Here's three ways to boost sales on this happy holiday: 3. Boost Your Social Media Presence Ramp up those posts, pictures, [...]

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