///How Tableside Ordering Can Increase Profits for Your Restaurant

How Tableside Ordering Can Increase Profits for Your Restaurant


When customers dine out, they expect delicious food and courteous, prompt service. These days, tableside ordering and paying are helping to make their restaurant experience even better. This 21st-century service also benefits the restaurant owner in a number of ways.

Then and Now

Just a few years ago, customers gave their food order to their server, who then physically walked to the kitchen and communicated it to the cooking staff. When it came time to pay, customers went up to the register or handed over their cash or credit card to the server. He or she then submitted the cash or processed the card and printed out a receipt.

Thanks to today’s remote POS card swiper technology, all of this can be handled tableside. The server now can submit the order via a tablet and process a customer’s credit or debit card payment at the table. This leads to a seamless ordering and payment experience for the patron as well as more efficiency on the part of the staff.

Advantages of Tableside Ordering and Processing

The benefits of this tablet-based feature don’t stop there. They also include the following:

  • Convenience and ease. Nothing could be more intuitive than using a tablet very similar to the ubiquitous mobile phones and tablets that staff members are already accustomed to in their daily lives.
  • Faster service. When all of the running around is cut out of ordering and making payments, significant time can be removed from the process. Some estimate that it amounts to a 15-minute savings per table. As a result, customers feel cared for by attentive servers while staff become significantly more efficient.
  • Higher tips. When patrons have a positive experience at your restaurant, it is often reflected in the gratuity they give. Seamless ordering and payments give customers a chance to focus on enjoying their meal and your staff’s excellent service. Their pleasure is often reflected in the tip.
  • Increased accuracy. In a noisy and chaotic kitchen environment, orders can easily be misunderstood or lost entirely. Electronic ones run a much lower risk of either of these fates.
  • Show that you are on the cutting edge. People like to spend their money at establishments that are innovative and young and that think outside the box. Tableside ordering and payments are still novel enough that they can give your restaurant the benefit of this reputation. Just be sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure and powerful so that your system does not malfunction.

Incorporating mobile technology into your restaurant can actually make your staff and business more efficient while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction levels. It is secure, easy to use and innovative. Best of all, you just might find that your happy customers are more likely to return. At the end of the day, this is the icing on the cake, the pièce de résistance for any restaurant owner.

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