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Must Read Guide to Accepting NFC Payments

These days, virtually everybody has a smartphone. In the last five years alone, 47 percent of the U.S. population got onboard with mobile technology, meaning that now two-thirds of us are texting and calling wirelessly. More and more of us are also making financial transactions via our smartphones. In fact, we will be spending about [...]

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How to Win Over the Millennial Customer

You have been hearing for years about Generation X, but now there is a new cohort on the scene. Dubbed Generation Y or, more commonly, millennials, this is the first group of Americans who have never lived without the Internet and personal devices such as mobile phones. To say that this subset of people is [...]

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Why It’s (Finally) Time to Replace Your Old School Cash Register

Being careful and cautious are traits that have probably been invaluable throughout your personal and professional life. They have kept you from making impulsive decisions and from leaping at every too-good-to-be-true offer that has come down the pike. That being said, this greatest strength might be holding you back from gaining customers and raking in [...]

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Are Faster Checkout Times Coming to a Business Near You?

Whether you are a business owner or a customer, you have every reason to be happy about the adoption of EMV-compliant credit cards. Merchants who upgrade their technology are not financially liable if fraud occurs, while consumers can feel a little safer knowing that their card never leaves their possession. Now, new technology can further [...]

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Why Accepting Cash Only Isn’t Necessarily a Good Thing

No matter how excellent your products and services might be, making a solid profit is often an elusive challenge. When every penny counts, you might be tempted as a business owner to leave your credit card machine behind and only accept cash. While your impulse is understandable, think long and hard before you take this [...]

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Case Study: POS Software Vendor Solves EMV Issue With Groovv SDK

  The EMV mandate requires that businesses accept EMV chip card payments or face liability for counterfeit credit card fraud. Software developers that provide point of sale solutions could endure a long process to integrate EMV-compliant payments with their applications. Software developer Eyefinity found an easy solution with Groovv SDK. Learn more: http://pointofsale.com/2016051311377/Payment-Processing/Case-Study-POS-Software-Vendor-Solves-EMV-Issue-With-SDK.html

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TMS’ CEO Joe Kaplan Featured in Business Solutions Magazine

Total Merchant Services’ CEO Joe Kaplan is featured in the April issue of Business Solutions magazine, where he explains how digital wallets will continue to gain market share, particularly once more consumers are aware “that they easily can use their smartphone to make payments and enjoy the convenience that provides.” Full article: http://www.bsminfo.com/doc/the-digital-wallet-dilemma-0001

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Why Your POS System Can Keep Your Restaurant from Failing

As a restaurant owner, you probably are tired of hearing the negative statistics about the overwhelmingly high failure rates of dining establishments during their first few years. Instead of absorbing that cloud of doom and gloom, take positive action to protect what you are working so hard to build. You’ll be amazed at what simply [...]

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Why Are Merchant Processing Fees Higher for My Business?

Today’s commerce climate has advanced beyond the days of cash and check payments. As a business owner, you already know that you need to have mechanisms in place to process customers’ cash, plastic and electronic payments. You might be surprised, however, by the disparity between what some businesses pay for credit card processing and what [...]

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Key Characteristics of a Quick Service POS System

In today’s world of “so many appointments, so little time,” quick service restaurants are becoming an increasingly popular way to fit food into a busy schedule. If you own one of the over 150,000 such establishments in the U.S., you need to give your customers the high-quality, timely service they require. That means your POS [...]

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