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Are Cash or Credit Card Tips Better For Business?

If you own a restaurant, a hair salon, a spa, a dog grooming shop or other business that provides goods or services, you have probably given some thought to the concept of tipping. It is anything but clear-cut. From your perspective, it makes sense to understand the advantages of cash tips vs. those done via [...]

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TMS’ CEO Joe Kaplan Featured in Business Solutions Magazine

Total Merchant Services’ CEO Joe Kaplan is featured in the April issue of Business Solutions magazine, where he explains how digital wallets will continue to gain market share, particularly once more consumers are aware “that they easily can use their smartphone to make payments and enjoy the convenience that provides.” Full article: http://www.bsminfo.com/doc/the-digital-wallet-dilemma-0001

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Is Your Small Business in Danger of Increased Chargebacks?

October 2015 marked a sea change in the financial industry. Since then, merchants are financially liable for fraudulent transactions and chargebacks if they are not equipped with EMV card readers. But if the dawn of EMV was supposed to bring about higher security and added protection for the merchant, why is the rate of chargebacks [...]

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Why Your POS System Can Keep Your Restaurant from Failing

As a restaurant owner, you probably are tired of hearing the negative statistics about the overwhelmingly high failure rates of dining establishments during their first few years. Instead of absorbing that cloud of doom and gloom, take positive action to protect what you are working so hard to build. You’ll be amazed at what simply [...]

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Why Are Merchant Processing Fees Higher for My Business?

Today’s commerce climate has advanced beyond the days of cash and check payments. As a business owner, you already know that you need to have mechanisms in place to process customers’ cash, plastic and electronic payments. You might be surprised, however, by the disparity between what some businesses pay for credit card processing and what [...]

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Key Characteristics of a Quick Service POS System

In today’s world of “so many appointments, so little time,” quick service restaurants are becoming an increasingly popular way to fit food into a busy schedule. If you own one of the over 150,000 such establishments in the U.S., you need to give your customers the high-quality, timely service they require. That means your POS [...]

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Are You Utilizing All of the Features of Your Payment System?

Accepting credit card payments is just a small part of what your point-of-sale equipment can do. Catapult your business to the next level by taking full advantage of the entire range of its capabilities. Intuitive and Easy to Use Many veteran entrepreneurs remember all too well the days when introducing a new credit card processing [...]

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Why Running a Mobile Business Has Its Benefits

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not be tied to your office or desk all day, but still run a successful business? Has it occurred to you that you could have this type of freedom if you were to run a mobile business? Mobile businesses are extremely popular and offer their [...]

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What Does the Future Look Like for Payment Security?

Now that more and more consumers are choosing to leave their cash at home in lieu of plastic and mobile payment choices, security for these transactions is a top priority. We have seen disastrous data breaches in recent years that have compromised the personal data of millions of Americans. You may be wondering if plastic [...]

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Total Merchant Services Opens Its EMV-Compliant Payment Integration Technology to All Developers

Woodland Hills, Calif. (April 19, 2016) – Total Merchant Services, a leader in payment services and solutions, today made its Groovv Software Development Kit (SDK) for semi-integrated payments available to software and app developers. The plug-and-play capability of Groovv SDK makes it easy and less costly for developers to ensure that their users comply with EMV [...]

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