If you have ever dined at a restaurant that has a mobile POS (mPOS) solution in place, how did you react? If you’re like many customers, you saw several advantages to this streamlined way of interacting with staff, making your order and paying for it.

Now that you’re putting your restaurant owner hat on, it’s time to think what advantages an mPOS could have for your establishment.

Lower Costs

Gone are the days when you need to purchase a clunky terminal-based system complete with space-hogging work stations. Your mobile POS is totally portable with the exception of your receipt printer and WiFi router. Other than that, you can quickly carry your tablets from table to table.

Clarity and Efficiency

Scribbling orders by hand has long been a source of inefficiency and confusion with mistakes being virtually inevitable. With a mobile POS, the server inputs the customer’s order into their tablet with the same ease that they text a message to their spouse. The information is then transmitted right where it needs to go for immediate and accurate processing. When the order is ready, the kitchen sends a notification to the server, reducing the chance for delays or distractions.

Faster Turnover

In the restaurant business, the amount of profit you make depends on how quickly the tables turn over from one group of customers to the next. Because having a mobile POS increases efficiency in ordering and payment, your tables will become available sooner.

Happier Staff

When customers are given the option to pay for their food via tablet, they are given several tipping options. Many restaurant owners have seen a marked increase in the average amounts that patrons tip when using a mobile POS system. Bigger tips lead directly to more satisfied staff who are gratified that their hard work is being rewarded.

Happy Customers

When patrons get great service from relaxed staff, receive exactly what they ordered in a timely fashion and are not made to sit for long periods awaiting their check, their overall dining experience is a more positive one. All of those factors are made possible when you add a mobile POS to your restaurant environment. Best of all, happy customers don’t just come back for another visit to your restaurant; they tell others as well.

Of course, incorporating a mobile POS into your eating establishment is only one part of the solution. But as long as you keep providing the excellent service, delicious food and unique ambiance, it just might be the icing on the cake that will put your restaurant over the top.