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Setting the date and time of your terminal for Daylight Savings Time

Running a business is hard work so we hope you were able to get an extra hour of sleep this weekend! Still need to reset your Ingenico iCT or Verifone VX 520 terminal for Daylight Savings Time? Check out our brief instructional videos! For iCT220 instructions click here. For Vx520/680 terminals, click here. Note, the videos are for EPX terminals [...]

8 Most Common Insurance Claims Made by Restaurant Owners

Restaurants come in numerous shapes and sizes. Although they may differ from each other in several ways, they have at least one thing in common: They all should be covered by insurance to protect against the risks that frequently befall food venues of all types. To prepare yourself for conversations with your insurer, review the list below for some of [...]

Top POS Features That Are Essential for Your Business

Running a small business can be compared to attempting to juggle several balls simultaneously. Even the most organized, proactive entrepreneur can struggle. Having a modern point-of-sale (POS) solution in place can make all the difference, helping you accomplish the following: Capture Sales Data A good POS allows you to see not only what products have sold well but also how [...]

Why Benchmarking Is an Important Component to Business Success

As any business owner operating in a competitive market knows, no entrepreneur is an island unto himself. In order to succeed, you must find ways to measure your company's performance against that of your rivals. Taking time to do this is the only way to have an accurate idea of your past, your current successes and challenges, and what course [...]

6 Ways to Use a Mobile POS to Improve Customer Service at Your Restaurant

If you have ever dined at a restaurant that has a mobile POS (mPOS) solution in place, how did you react? If you're like many customers, you saw several advantages to this streamlined way of interacting with staff, making your order and paying for it. Now that you're putting your restaurant owner hat on, it's time to think what advantages [...]

Is It Time To Rethink How Your Employees Clock In?

On one level, the old-fashioned time clock achieved a very important purpose. By using it, you were able to tell exactly when each of your employees began and ended their shifts, thereby making your task of compiling the payroll possible. However, much has changed in recent decades, calling into question the necessity of the traditional time-keeping measures. A Lesson From [...]

Total Merchant Services Introduces Secure, Cloud-Based Suite of “Card Not Present” Payment Solutions

Total Merchant Services Introduces Secure, Cloud-Based Suite of "Card Not Present" Payment Solutions Groovv Online Payments enables businesses to accept payments online, over the phone or through the mail Woodland Hills, Calif. (July 19, 2016) Total Merchant Services, a leader in payment services and solutions, today announced the availability of Groovv Online Payments, a secure, cloud-based solution that enables omni-channel [...]

Increase Safety for Your Business and Your Customers by Using NFC Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a revolutionary innovation that is changing the way people move through the world and pay for goods and services. With it, cash and even credit cards are becoming optional, replaced by the ubiquitous smartphone and by wearable devices such as the Apple Watch. NFC is not just the latest trendy fad that will soon fade [...]

Is Your Business Considered High Risk and Will It Result in Higher Fees?

As a savvy business owner, you have prepared yourself for many contingencies. Fluctuations in income, changes in inventory and customer dissatisfaction are just a few. However, you may have never thought your business would be turned down by a credit processing company because you were deemed to be high risk. What Does High Risk Mean? Put yourself in the place [...]

Managing the Seasonal Changes in the Restaurant Biz

Many factors have an impact upon the success of your restaurant. Out of all of them, seasonal variations are one of the most obvious. Understanding how different times of the year can affect your establishment can help you come up with strategies to make the most of the peaks and minimize the valleys. The Effects of Weather In general, people [...]

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